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There are pros and cons of the open stance and the closed stance, but at some point throughout games both need to put into action. Here we will explore what these stances are and what benefits and disadvantages come with each. The open stance A predominant feature of modern tennis, the open stance is when the feet are aligned parallel to the net. The toes can be facing the net or pointing to the side in this position.

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Open stance forehand. It is true that open stance forehands are widely used among the pro’s and have some major advantages over closed stance forehands. First, by playing from an open stance position you save one step when getting to the ball and additionaly you are able to hit the ball with more top spin.

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When executing a high ball forehand we must always use the open stance position. If we attempt to go up towards the high ball in a closed stance position and then try to initiate and execute a rotational circular swing, this will result in a loss of balance. Due to the loss of balance, the forehand would not be executed and finished accordingly.

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Forehand myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your forehands potential. Most players ...

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The way you position your feet will determine your stance. Open Stance Forehand – The open stance forehand is where you have both feet almost aligned, in line with the baseline. The inside foot can be slightly ahead of the outside foot, but not by much. This stance will allow you to drive upwards, into the ball.

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In this lesson, I teach my student Shamir when to execute the open stance forehand vs the closed stance forehand without thinking about how the feet are posi...

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Closed-stance: Toes are pointed towards the side fence. Open-stance: Toes are pointed more towards the net. When discussing open stance vs. closed stance, I think back to when I was a junior and we had only one choice. Many players played with continental grips on every shot and only the closed-stance position.

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One additional thing I find with open stance is it helps you recover faster as you are transferring weight to your inside foot, back toward the center of the court. Whereas closed stance has you finish with weight on outside foot, again being slightly slower to finish (as you needed a little more time to set it up).

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Closed/Neutral stance: When moving forward, and on low balls. Open Stance: When moving laterally, and on high balls. Semi-Open Stance: When moving backwards laterally or vertically