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What Is The Definition Of All-Rounder In Cricket? 1. A player who is skilled in both bowling and batting. This is a rather rare occurrence since bowlers and batsmen typically peak at different ages. In some cases, players who are skilled batsmen and wicket-keepers are also referred to as all-rounders, or the term is altered to indicate which of the two skills the player excels in (either “bowling all-rounder” or “batting all-rounder”).

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An all-rounder is a cricketer who regularly performs well at both batting and bowling. Although all bowlers must bat and quite a handful of batsmen do bowl occasionally, most players are skilled in only one of the two disciplines and are considered specialists. Some wicket-keepers have the skills of a specialist batsman and have been referred to as all-rounders, but the term wicket-keeper-batsman is more commonly applied to them, even if they are substitute wicket keepers who also bowl.

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A cricket player who can bat, bowl and field is an asset to any cricket team. Traditionally, a cricketer who can bat and bowl is identified as an all-rounder, although wicket keeper-batsmen are now listed as all-rounders. The definition of an all-rounder goes beyond that, however. A genuine all rounder is one who excels in two or more specialties.

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Alternative spelling of all-rounder. (chiefly UK) A versatile person, able to do many things well; used especially in reference to being good at various sports. (cricket) A player who is skilled in both batting and bowling. Alternative form of all-rounder.

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noun. British. A versatile person or thing, especially a cricketer who can both bat and bowl well. ‘Choose from batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders or a new wicket keeper - whatever is needed to take your side to the top.’. More example sentences. ‘Extra incentives will also be made to the best performing individuals with cash prizes of up to £1, 500 going to the best performing batsmen, bowlers and all-rounders.’.

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This might be surprising for many people who read it but I would not go with the orthodox definition of an all-rounder in cricket. For me, an all-rounder is a person who can be good at all the aspects in cricket or at least would have been a part of all the aspects.

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For me, an all-rounder is a person who can be good at all the aspects in cricket or at least would have been a part of all the aspects. And across the world, I see only 1 cricketer who has done this and he is none other than Rahul Dravid.

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The spherical object which the bowler propels towards the batsman, who may attempt to hit it with the bat. Constructed of leather stiched around a cork core. A red ball is used in timed matches (or a pink ball for day/night cricket ), whilst a white ball is used in limited overs cricket. 2.

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Cricket has no shortage of batsmen or bowlers. But a good all-rounder — a player who is good at batting and bowling — is a rare commodity. Generally, all-rounders come in two types: batting all-rounder and bowling all-rounder. The primary skill of batting all-rounders is batting, but they can contribute with the ball, too. Bowling all ...