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Is hitting the hand in basketball a foul? The hand is considered “part of the ball” when it is in contact with the ball. Therefore, contact on that part of the hand by a defender while it is in contact with the ball is not illegal. Can you hit hand when blocking a shot? Well-Known Member. The hand is only part of the ball WHEN it is on the ball.

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Learn the common basketball fouls and referee hand signals found in college, high school, and youth basketball rules. Not all contact on the basketball court is illegal, but there are some specific fouls outlined in the rules that are designed to keep the contact from becoming too aggressive. In the early history of basketball, before there were any standardized regulations, play could pretty rough at times.

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A player who takes his or her hand under the ball and scoops it while dribbling is said to have committed the palming violation. Reaching In. When a player tries to steal the ball from the offense team’s player, the player extends his or her arm and hand out, making contact with the player who has the ball. Shooting Foul

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A clear path to the basket foul occurs if: (i) personal foul is committed on any offensive player during his team’s transition scoring opportunity; (ii) when the foul occurs, the ball is ahead the...

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When the hand is touching the ball it considers as part of the the ball, meaning that hitting the hand while it is on the ball isn't considers as foul. Here the source from NBA.com - Explaining the NBA’s Most Misunderstood Rules. Incidental Contact: The mere fact that contact occurs does not mean a foul has been committed. Players are allowed to contact other players when reaching for a loose ball, or when performing normal offensive and defensive movements.

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Here is a list of fouls in basketball: Blocking Foul Charging Foul Defensive Foul Double Foul Flagrant Foul Intentional Foul Loose Ball Foul Offensive Foul Personal Foul Punching Foul Shooting Foul Technical Foul

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1. This is a foul that is called when neither team has possession of the ball. This often occurs when players are attempting to rebound the ball and someone who has been boxed out makes illegal contact when moving towards the basket.